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Meet Julie from Manonboudoir

Julie from Manonboudoir is a published artist and an illustrator from Saint Petersburg with a penchant for Paris and Marie Antoinette. In her watercolors she tries to capture and revive the whimsical allure of late 18th and mid 19th century. Her playful female character Manon and her cat Gigi celebrate beauty, all things joyous, feminine and charming.

"This talented illustrator has no equal when it comes to depicting scenes of marquises in a tender and colorful universe. If you liked the movie « Marie Antoinette » by Sofia Coppola, chances are you’ll fall in love with these finely drawn silhouettes and vibrant representations."
Paris Frivole
"The illustrations are reminiscent of a Parisian daydream, plucked from the court of Versailles, Julie depicts Manon in an array of illustrious scenarios, which range from dreamy scenes nestled by the Eiffel Tower, ballerinas in their delicate tutus, decadent desserts from Laduree, and so much more! "
Sophie Bethany Rose

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